Listen: Buenos Diaz releases new single "Give Me One Chance".

Give Me One Chance Cover.jpg

The first single from Buenos Diaz’s forthcoming “Gringo Novelas II” is now available.

“The Austin, Texas trio Buenos Diaz, led by guitarist/vocalist/songwriter Nick Diaz, has established a reputation as one of the pre-eminent creative rock bands working on the indie scene today and the quality of their music is such they could burst through into the mainstream at any moment given some timely breaks. Their latest studio album release Gringo Novelas II, the band’s fifth collection due for release in December, promises to be their best yet based on its first single “Give Me One Chance”, and Diaz’s continuing evolution as a songwriter and musician leads the way. It isn’t a band you can readily pigeonhole as, stylistically, Diaz and his cohorts take chances with the band’s songs many other bands shy away from due to limitations in skill or imagination. “Give Me One Chance”, however, falls in line as a clear cut guitar rock track with fine lyrics and a gloriously visceral, unbridled song that, nevertheless, simmers with intelligence and thoughtful artistry.” -Michael Rand, MobAngeles